It’s fear season so we figured there’s no better time to discuss scary branding tactics than today.

First things first. A Happy, happy Halloween from the team at WebWorx MENA! May your treats be many and your tricks be few!

Back to this week’s topic, though. We’ve sourced you a lovely piece by Neil Patel on 5 “scary” branding techniques that are worth the risk. We’ll summarize them for you below because we know that time is always of the essence for all you busy professionals and marketeers. (And we wanna go trick or treating, too!)

It’s the biggest productivity killer for any marketer…

And no, it’s not a specific activity—it’s fear.

Too many marketers know what produces results but are afraid to implement them.

Instead, they’d rather spend their time doing something “safe,” like making their spreadsheets look pretty.

These distractions don’t help you get anything done.

Alternatively, some marketers, especially the ones who learned most of their knowledge online, will go to great lengths to avoid the difficult work that comes with marketing techniques that work.

And then, they complain that no matter how many tactics they try, nothing works!

Listen, I know that some things are scary, difficult, or even just a bit off-putting. But if you want to really make a difference in the success of your business, you need to get over those fears, one at a time, and do the work.

Now, if it’s not clear what I meant by “scary marketing techniques,” it’ll become clear in just a second.

In this post, I’m going to show you 5 marketing tactics that are effective for most businesses.

The only catch is they can be difficult or scary to do.

I’m going to break them down as much as possible so that you can determine why they might scare you and what you could do to overcome that fear.

1. If you want to know your customers, you need to talk to them. Do you like talking on the phone to people you don’t know?

If you do, you’re a unicorn. The vast majority of people either don’t particularly care for it or straight up hate it. When it comes to the latest generation of Internet marketers, this is actually a huge problem.

A lot of people are drawn to online marketing because they think they don’t need to have any human interaction. No offices, no meetings, no phone calls, etc. There are many different forms of marketing jobs, and many of them indeed don’t require any interaction. However, if you ever want to reach that next level of success, you have to push yourself past your comfort zone.

The tactic in question here is talking with your target audience. This is usually done through a phone or Skype call. Why is this important? Because there is absolutely no better way to understand your target audience than to speak with them.

It’s the fastest way to learn how they talk, what they like, and what they are and aren’t interested in. This is not only important for your content marketing but also for any product development. I understand that it might not be the most comfortable thing for you to do, but you don’t have to do it too much to get a ton of value from it.

It’s worth mentioning that this tactic works regardless of whether you are selling to consumers or businesses (although you might find it easier to do with businesses).

2. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Why on Earth would anyone want to have a 10-20 minute talk with you?

That’s the question we have to answer. And the best answer is that they’ll do it because they get something out of it. If you simply want to contact people in your target market individually and ask them to talk to you as a favor, that’s an option.

I don’t recommend it though. You’ll end up wasting a whole lot of time. Instead, offer them something valuable. If they’re local, it could be a free lunch.

If it’s over the phone or on Skype, it could be $10-20 to their PayPal account or a free sample of a popular product. Once you know what you can afford to offer, it’s simply a matter of getting people to agree to talk to you.

3. Come prepared, but leave room for flexibility. Okay, you’ve finally gotten a few people who are willing to talk to you. Ideally, talk to as many as you can afford to, but get at least three to get a decent picture of how they view your niche.

Here are some questions you might want to start with:

· What are the main reasons you’re interested in (niche)?

· What are the websites related to (niche) that you use most often? What do you like about them?

· What are your favorite products for (niche)? Why do you choose them instead of other similar products?

· What’s the biggest problem in (niche) you see right now?

Don’t limit yourself to just these questions, but as long as you get answers to at least these, you’ll get a lot of valuable information from the talk. It’s a great idea to record the call so that you don’t miss anything.

4. Want to be a thought leader? Get used to being vulnerable. There are thousands of bloggers in just about every industry. However, there are always 10-20 of those bloggers who are considered as leaders by most.

When they share their thoughts, everyone else listens and often relays those thoughts to their audiences.

It’s a very good position to be in.

Being a thought leader isn’t about how old your website is or how many blog posts you’ve written. It’s about whether or not your peers (industry bloggers) respect you and consider you an expert (even among other bloggers).

Obviously, this has many benefits beyond a sense of accomplishment you might feel. A great example of this is Brian Dean, who founded Backlinko just a few years ago.

Even though he had focused on SEO only for a short time, he quickly became a thought leader in the community. He was able to drive tens of thousands of visitors to his new blog within a few months.

The main reason for his success was because other bloggers (like me) saw his work and were happy to showcase it in front of their audiences.

As a thought leader, you get as many links and as much traffic as you need to grow a healthy business, which Brian has done admirably.

On top of that, it also makes it easier to connect with those other bloggers because they already know you. Many of them will reach out to you before you ever get a chance to reach out to them.

Great tips from Neil. This is quite a long, interesting post and so we highly recommend that you read the entire piece here to make the most sense of his recommendations. We just hand-picked our favorites for you.

Our words of advice are quite similar. Being an online marketer for some can mean starting at a computer screen for hours with minimal human interaction, but if you’re really looking for those conversions, that’s going to require you stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting people. It’s fun, rewarding and will bring home the big bucks!

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